Family Situation Changed? You May Need To Update Your Court Order.

The one constant in any family’s life is change. Despite having planned ahead for your life after divorce or establishing your child custody arrangements, your present court order may not adequately serve your needs or may be endangering your children’s well-being.

If your circumstances have significantly changed, it is time to review the requirements for modifying your family court order. At Oney + Kim Family Law, our experienced family law attorneys will help you petition the court for a revised order that better reflects current realities.

When Modifications Are Allowed

Modifications of court orders are possible when certain conditions — such as a new job, one parent getting married or moving out of Minnesota — make complying with a family court order extremely difficult or nearly impossible. However, with child custody and parenting time orders, unless both parties agree to the changes, you may not ask for a modification within the first year of the custody or parenting time order unless certain statutory standards are met such as endangerment of the child.

If you can prove that complying with your child custody order endangers your child’s emotional well-being or physical health, the court will consider an exception to these limitations. The court may also grant a modification if you can prove that the other parent is consistently violating or interfering with the terms of the child custody or parenting plan order.

If you believe your former spouse’s living conditions have significantly changed and the amount of spousal support you owe is no longer fair or equitable, our lawyers can help you determine whether it is time to petition the court for a modification to reduce or eliminate alimony payments. An example of a significant change may include your former spouse living with a new partner.

If your child support or spousal maintenance order states that you are entitled to a cost-of-living adjustment every two years, we can help you take the necessary action to ensure that the adjustment takes effect in a timely manner and that you actually receive the adjustment.

Contact Us To Revise Your Family Court Order

At Oney + Kim Family Law, our primary goal is to help you resolve your family law matter efficiently and effectively. When your needs or your children’s needs are not being met, we can help you determine whether requesting a modification is the best course of action for you. Email us or call 612-279-8655 today to get started.